STb Social 6

Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry our top priority is giving you the best possible treatment to transform your smile and ensure you can enjoy healthier and more beautiful teeth.

Everyday our team of UK leading clinicians speak to patients who come to us looking for great results and from time to time there is a need to recommend the use of braces.

When you mention the word braces most people picture the ugly NHS metal brace many of us remember from school, but thankfully modern dentistry has moved on significantly meaning wearing a brace doesn’t mean you have to be self-conscious and can often mean no one will know you are having treatment other than you and your clinician.

The STb Social 6 Lingual system is regarded as one of the best solutions for people who have mild or moderate orthodontic problems, but still want confidence in their smile.

The STb Social 6 Lingual system is the ideal solution for people who want to improve the aesthetic of their smile without wearing highly visible braces. Lingual braces are different to traditional orthodontic treatments because the braces are fixed to the back of the teeth, meaning that they are almost invisible.

The innovative STb Social 6 system works by using the most advanced dental technology to gently guide the teeth into the correct position. The braces use self-ligating technology, which moves the teeth without causing any pain or friction.

Additionally, a further benefit of the STb Social 6 is that in most cases, treatment can be completed within just 16 weeks, with patients noticing dramatic effects in a few weeks – making this the ideal choice for people preparing for a special event such as a wedding.

Although STb Social 6 Lingual braces have transformed many people’s lives, they’re not suitable for everyone so it’s vital that you have a full consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians before you decided upon the right treatment for you.

They are however highly recommended for people with mild or moderate orthodontic problems, and are most commonly used to treat overcrowding of the front teeth or gaps between the front teeth. If you have more severe problems or issues relating to the teeth at the back of the mouth, another treatment may be recommended by Keppel Advanced Dentistry to ensure we help you achieve the perfect smile.

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