Dental fillings

Fillings have long played an important role in dentistry. A well-timed filling can greatly prolong the life of a tooth and avoid the need for more extensive dental work. At Keppel Advanced Dentistry we’re always aim to spot areas of tooth decay as early as possible, using dental x-rays to check areas which can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Of course, it’s important for a filling to look right as well as doing its job in helping you maintain good dental health. We always use ‘white’ dental fillings – more accurately called tooth-coloured – which closely match the tone of your natural teeth. We believe it’s particularly worthwhile to make sure you don’t have unsightly grey fillings at the front or back of your mouth. We want you to be able to talk, eat and laugh without displaying a row of dark-coloured fillings to the world!

Today’s natural-coloured composites are also tough and long-lasting. Your dentist will carefully bond them into your teeth using adhesive technology which will support the remaining structure of your tooth.

Replacing amalgam fillings – an increasingly popular choice

We’re always happy to help people who want to replace their old amalgam fillings with modern composite. Some patients want to do this purely for cosmetic reasons – there’s no doubt that ‘white’ fillings are cosmetically superior, whereas others simply don’t like the idea of having materials which contain mercury in their teeth. Whatever your reasons, we’ll be pleased to help you here at our practice in Sutton.

The same high standard of care and personal attention for treatments large and small

Having a filling may be a straightforward treatment, but it’s one which we carry out with just the same commitment and dedication as the most technically challenging procedure. And we’ll always make sure you’re entirely comfortable, pain-free and at your ease when you come to use for a filling, as we would with any treatment.

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