General dentistry

Welcome to Keppel Advanced Dentistry. Whether you are visiting for a family check-up or dental treatment, get ready to experience a totally different kind of dentistry. We provide a fully tailored service and listen to your concerns because when you relax in our dental chair we want you to feel comfortable and confident you are getting the best possible service and clinical attention.

Whether you are with us for a hygienist appointment, general check-up, dental implants or porcelain veneers, our focus is to prevent problems from occurring in your mouth.

We work hard to make sure your teeth remain in great condition by preventing tooth decay, being vigilant for mouth cancer and tackling gum disease, which is a main cause of tooth loss in adults. Our highly experienced dentists will examine your mouth thoroughly to check for any abnormalities including the early stages of oral cancer, sensitive teeth and tooth decay which, along with gum disease, can lead to bad breath.

If you grind your teeth, experience headaches or jaw pain, we look for the reasons including possible problems with wisdom teeth and jaw alignment. The care we provide will ensure your mouth remains healthy, feeling comfortable and looking great. And we will give you all the help and advice you need to look after your teeth at home. We offer regular appointments to check that your mouth remains clean and healthy and provide advice that will help you to keep it that way.

We put you, the patient, at the forefront of everything we do. Call us to book an appointment.