Dental implant surgery

Before any dental treatment your clinician will discuss what will happen before, during and after your procedure thoroughly so you are fully prepared and informed on your decisions. But it’s understandable why many patients are apprehensive ahead of dental implant surgery.

The first stage to achieving your new smile is taken by having x-rays taken of your mouth. A simple procedure that enables your clinician to determine the shape and thickness of your jawbone. This is a vital stage as it’s this insight that allows us to plan your procedure to your specific needs so you get the best possible results.

The surgery itself is usually done under local anaesthesia to offer you complete comfort. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, your clinician will start the procedure which involved making a pocket in your jawbone for the implant to sit naturally alongside your teeth.

Alternatively, if you’re having any teeth removed before dental implant surgery, your dentist may be able to replace your natural tooth with your implant. This is called an immediate implant. If this isn’t possible, your clinician will fit the implant after a few weeks – a treatment called immediate delayed implant.

Depending on your needs, your clinician may be able to attach your new tooth on the same day as the procedure to insert the implant. However, this is quite rare, and for most people you will need to wait between three to six months to allow your mouth to heal. If you do need to wait, your clinician will be able to advise and fit a temporary bridge or partial dentures. If you usually wear dentures, they can be adjusted so that you can wear them through this time.

The length of time your operation takes will be entirely dependent on how many implants you are having fitted and want your specific needs are, but your clinician will be able to discuss with you a detailed treatment plan you can work together on achieving.

Once completed, your implants and replacement teeth should feel and look completely natural. You’ll be able to eat as and drink as normal and have a smile in complete confidence.

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