Single dental implants

When you lose a single tooth together with the root either accidentally or through decay, we can be replace it with an implant and crown. Many of our patients prefer this technique because it achieves the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Alternative treatments could involve fixing a false tooth to a plate to create a partial denture or making a bridge which could be held in position by neighbouring teeth.

Single implants avoid the need for you to wear a partial denture or to have an artificial tooth held in place by other teeth around it.

The procedure involves inserting a discreet screw into the vacant socket. This forms an artificial root onto which your new tooth will be attached. We allow time for this special anchor to bond with your bone tissue to ensure that the replacement tooth can be rigidly attached. You will be provided with a temporary crown during this bedding-in period before the final crown – which is perfectly crafted to match other teeth in terms of size, shape and shade – is permanently cemented into position.

We can also advise you about an alternative process which enables us to complete the full implant in a single visit to our clinic. We will help you make that choice following a full examination and X-ray of the site of the proposed implant.