From routine check-ups to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and specialist orthodontics, Keppel Advanced Dentistry in the heart of Surrey is committed to providing the best possible care for each and every patient.

We work with you and listen to your concerns to make sure we keep your teeth in great condition by preventing tooth decay and tackling gum disease, which is a main cause of tooth loss in adults.

And we provide the very latest in advanced cosmetic dentistry, including crowns, veneers and implants through to teeth straightening for children and adults.

The care we provide will ensure your mouth remains healthy, feeling comfortable and looking great. And we will give you all the help and advice you need to look after your teeth at home.

We offer regular appointments to check that your mouth remains clean and healthy and provide advice that will help to keep it that way.

At Keppel Advanced Dentistry we always put you first. Call us now to book an appointment.