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With age, the lips naturally become thinner and lose their definition, and the v-shaped area of the upper lip, known as the cupid’s bow, is where you’re most likely to see this happen.

Many people try to disguise the effects of ageing in this area with make-up, but it can bleed down the vertical wrinkles and actually highlight the problem. If you’ve been wondering how to look younger, lip fillers are an easy answer because they’re quick, affordable and non-invasive – they can be the centre-piece of a makeover that gives you youthful looking, plump lips and a more defined smile.

We aim to subtly accentuate the best aspects of your natural features with minimal interference because the lips are a particularly sensitive area of the face.

Which parts of my lips can be enhanced?

  • The vermilion border, or lip outline, can be treated to improve lip definition and width
  • The fleshy parts of the upper and lower lips can be augmented for volume and a fuller pout
  • The cupid’s bow can be given extra definition
  • The lines going down from the sides of the mouth, known as oral commissures, which can convey tiredness and sadness, can be reduced
  • Marionette lines, the lines going down from the corner of the lips, also known as puppet lines, can be reduced
  • The philtrum ridges, going from the upper lip towards the nose, can be given more definition
  • The perioral lines – fine vertical lines on the upper lip, often increased due to smoking – can be reduced

What happens in the consultation?

We’ll assess your medical history, make an examination of your lips, take photographs and discuss your expectations. A treatment plan will then be drawn up with your consent.

What happens in the procedure?

Appointments are approximately 20 minutes long and fillers are injected using an ultra-fine needle. The presence of the anaesthetic lidocaine in the products we use helps to numb the area injected.

Are the results instant?

After injection the lips often become a little swollen, which means the result immediately after the treatment may not be the final result, but swelling typically subsides within two days. To achieve the best results we may recommend touch-up treatment two to four weeks after the initial session, which will also improve the duration of the treatment’s effects.

How long do lip fillers last?

The effects last approximately six months.

What results can I expect?

Natural looking, fuller lips with more definition. As we age, our lips lose volume and definition, and many people can benefit from using lip fillers to subtly make their lips plumper, increase contours and lip outlines or, if the lips are asymmetrical, gently modify them to adjust proportions.

Do lip fillers hurt?

You will feel a minor pinprick and immediately afterwards you may experience a tingling sensation like small pinpricks for a few hours.

What are the side effects?

Your lips may become a little swollen and you might experience some common injection-related reactions such as redness, itching, discolouration and tenderness at
the injection site, which will clear up on their own within two to 10 days. Bruising is
unusual. If you have had cold sores around the mouth, a condition known as facial herpes simplex, lip fillers might provoke an outbreak. You can mitigate this by being prepared with a supply of prescribed oral tablets.

How can I avoid bruising?

You can minimise the likelihood of bruising by avoiding aspirin and ibuprofen for a week before the procedure and two days after it. Avoid vitamin E and St John’s Wort for three days before and after the treatment, and abstain from exercise except walking for 24 hours after the procedure.

Are lip fillers suitable for everyone?

No, not for pregnant or breastfeeding women – hyaluronic acid has not been tested for safety in pregnancy or nursing.

What is actually injected?

We use hyaluronic acid, found throughout the body as well as in most other living organisms. It gives skin elasticity and volume. The products we use are sterile gels made in a laboratory and contain no human or animal matter.

Lip fillers are also known as temporary lip fillers or temporary lip enhancement because, like other non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, they are not permanent. The injections are absorbed by the body within six months because, as the mouth moves for eating, talking and expressions, the hyaluronic acid is gradually broken up and absorbed, eventually disappearing completely. It is safe to have repeated lip filler treatments before the effects have completely worn off.



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