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Dermal fillers are injectable gels based on a substance that naturally occurs in the skin, providing it youthful structure and volume.

In many ways this substance, hyaluronic acid, is a measure of youth: we lose 50 per cent of it between the ages of 40 and 50 which is the reason our skin becomes dry, thin and fragile.

When the skin starts to sag and wrinkle as a result, or parts of the face lose volume, dermal fillers are an extremely popular solution; they last six to 24 months and with no recovery time offer a quick and safe way to look younger while actually halting the ageing process.

HA fillers are effective in the following areas:

• Tear troughs (tired eyes). These are one of the main areas of concern for our
patients and dermal fillers can produce a noticeably rejuvenated and fresher

• Nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds): also referred to as smile lines, these lines run down the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Most of us notice them when we smile, laugh or talk, but over time they can develop into static constant lines or grooves.

• Cheeks: ageing usually contributes to volume loss in the cheeks; the round, full look diminishes as the fat pads gravitate downwards.

• Lipstick lines: these etch vertically from the upper or lower lips and are more prevalent on the upper lips. While they are sometimes called smoker’s lines, they are normally a result of loss of volume that occurs with age, along with repetitive bunching of the tissue from muscular activity. These lines can contribute to lipstick bleeding, hence the name.

• Lips: as we age our lips lose volume and definition, and many people can benefit from using lip fillers to subtly make their lips plumper, increase contours and lip outlines or, if the lips are asymmetric, gently modify them to adjust proportions.

• Mouth to chin lines (marionette lines): located just below the corners of the mouth, these wrinkles can make you look sad or angry when relaxing your face.

• Décolletage: inevitably the skin loses its elasticity and firmness over time. Sun damage in particular can contribute to this aged look on the upper chest and the thinning of the skin can amplify the neckbands, adding years to your appearance.

Restylane® is available with lidocaine anaesthetic to increase treatment comfort and it comes in a range of products, including Restylane Perlane®, designed to treat deeper wrinkles and folds and create subtle volume enhancement; Restylane Lip Volume®, specifically formulated to enhance volume within the lip body or define the lips’ vermilion border or cupid’s bow; and Restylane Subq®, designed enhance and define facial contours on the cheeks and chin.

At Keppel Skin we also offer Restylane Skinboosters®, injectable treatments designed to boost hydration and improve complexion for mature and younger skin. There is also a range of post treatment and daily skincare products we can recommend.

What happens in the consultation?

We’ll assess your medical history, make an examination of your facial muscles, take photographs and discuss your expectations. A treatment plan will then be drawn up with your consent.

What happens in the procedure?

Appointments are approximately 20 minutes long and fillers are injected using an ultra-fine needle. The presence of the anaesthetic lidocaine in the products we use helps to numb the area injected.

Are the effects immediate?

You will see a subtle immediate effect and two to three days later the serum settles to achieve the full result. Treatment may be staged over several visits if both volumising and wrinkle reduction is required; volume is addressed first and fine tuning of smaller lines and wrinkles done thereafter.

How long do dermal fillers last?

From six to 24 months, depending on the product used, where it is used, the amount used and the effect desired. Repeated treatments can be safely taken indefinitely because the body naturally breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the fillers over time.

Am I suitable for dermal fillers?

If you are over 18 and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding then yes. There is no known risk but these are precautions in line with regulatory guidelines.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience temporary tenderness, redness, swelling or, in rare cases, bruising. Any redness usually settles in hours, swelling and most bruising in a few days. Other rare side effects include allergy, granulomas and, very rarely, damage to blood vessels that can lead to tissue damage. If symptoms persist for more than two weeks or you notice any other side effects please contact the surgery.

What can I do after treatment?

• You can wear make-up over the treated area after 12 hours
• Avoid direct sunlight, saunas and steam rooms for two weeks
• Avoid other treatments to the same areas for seven days
• Avoid massaging the area
• You can take anti-inflammatory medication or analgesia should you feel it
necessary, according to the instructions on the box

Will I need a follow-up appointment?

Follow-up appointments will be arranged as part of your treatment plan. As Restylane® fillers are naturally biodegraded, you will eventually need a repeat
treatment to maintain your results. Follow-up appointments usually occur six
to 12 months post treatment.



Dermal fillers are injectable gels based on a
substance that naturally occurs in the skin…

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