Invisalign 1

Invisalign 1

Problem List:

• Uneven smile with severe crowding
• Bad bite with increased overbite (overlap)
• Drifting upper front teeth tipped inwards
• Misshaped upper front teeth
• Many rotated and tipped teeth
• Narrow arches in both upper and lower

Treatment Goals:

• Improve smile by aligning teeth to smile arc
• Fix bite by correcting the overlap and tipped in teeth
• Bring upper teeth back into line
• Place misshaped teeth in best position
• Align the upper and lower crowded teeth
• Improve arch form with controlled expansion

Treatment Summary:

Invisalign Full in both arches for 18 months using 37 aligners plus refinements
• Precision attachments for careful planned movements
• Interproximal reduction to help resolve crowding
Retainers to hold the result (fixed and removable at night)