Implants & bridges

Implants & bridges

Why did you come to KAD?

Ever since I was a young child I’d had teeth problems. Despite visiting my dentist very regularly over the years, the condition of my teeth began to deteriorate rapidly around 10 years ago. Many of my upper teeth became loose, so much so that I lost several of them and was beginning to despair that dentures were inevitable. I was recommended that I pay a visit to Cedar Dental which I did.

What did you have done?

Tom, Carl and the team presented a warm, friendly, yet professional approach and a plan to achieve impressive teeth without the need for dentures! They explained that due to bone loss, some grafting would be necessary to hold implants to take a supported bridge. I was amazed at the plan and we went ahead almost immediately.

What did you think of the care?

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cedar Dental to anyone who is experiencing dental problems like mine.