Implants 3

Implants 3

Why did you come to KAD?

I had a personal recommendation from a colleague at work and as I had to go down the implant route and I wasn’t quite sure, my dentist recommended Tom.

What did you have done?

I had implants in the top of my mouth . I have so much more confidence and I tell everybody and recommend the dentists, the practice and everybody. Because it is quite daunting to actually go through the procedure but I have so much more confidence, its wonderful.

What did you think of the care?

Its absolutely first class. Tom, Carl, Jenny, the girls here have all been absolutely marvellous to me. I was very nervous and apprehensive when I came initially and they gave me the confidence to have the procedure done and it was absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend them too highly. The follow up treatment is second to none and it doesn’t just stop when the treatments finished.

Absolutely first class, they are almost my friends.