About us

Keppel Advanced Dentistry is different.

Led by Dr Tom Keppel, we take time to welcome you, listen to you, explain what is happening in your mouth and your options to make it healthier. Tom takes pride in the quality of his dentistry combined with a fantastic patient experience. He’s friendly, fun, top of his game and has a canny knack of being able to tell you things about your mouth, teeth and jaw before he’s even asked you to open wide!

He and the team are committed to making sure each and every patient receives the best service, specifically tailored to their individual needs.

From your first visit we spend time talking with you and listening to you so we know your thoughts on your own dental health and appearance of your smile as well as your expectations of us and the level of customer care we provide.

Tom has more than 20 years’ knowledge and experience, which is supplemented with regular training in Europe and the US, so we are always up to date with clinical and technological advances.

And he has built a team around him who care passionately about the Keppel Advanced Dentistry way and deliver it professionally day inday out.

Discover the Keppel Advanced Dentistry way for yourself by calling 0208 642 0355.