Nervous patients – how IV sedation can help change the way you think about dentistry

Going to the dentist can be a difficult internal and silent struggle for many, reflected by the fact that 1 in 4 people in the UK admit to having some form of dental phobia.

Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry we believe that patients shouldn’t need to put off undergoing treatment because of nerves. As well as being a safe, comfortable, and welcoming practice, Keppel Advanced Dentistry can offer IV sedation to put you at ease about your upcoming treatment. Read on to find out how IV sedation can help change the way you see the dentist….

Changing patient attitudes to treatment 

Dental phobia exists largely because many treatments used to be intimidating and sometimes painful, but since the emergence of new pain-free technology, this is changing fast. We strive to change any negative connotations patients might have with going to the dentist and in many cases, a single treatment with IV sedation has helped individuals completely change their perception of dental treatment, allowing them to have future treatment without the burden of being anxious.

So what is IV sedation?

IV (intravenous sedation) is when an amnesic drug is administered via a cannula, placed on the back of your hand. IV sedation is highly effective in relaxing the body and mind in preparation for certain dental procedures and helps patients overcome any nerves and anxieties.

Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry we administer the most commonly used drug for IV sedation in the UK known as Midazolarn, part of the benzodiazepine family. It works by depressing the central nervous system and is fast-acting in relaxing you – you will feel the effects within 1-5 seconds and as it is an amnesiac drug it is likely that you will have no recollection of the procedure. Despite IV sedation bringing on a relaxed and sedative state, you will still be able to co-operate with the dentist, for example if they need you to open your mouth a little wider, you will have no problem in doing so.

Why have IV sedation? The benefits summarised

  • Beneficial to patients with moderate to severe dental phobia, so even patients who suffer with significant anxiety will see the effects and be able to undergo the treatment they desire. The dosage can be adjusted to how much the patient requires according to their level of dental phobia.
  • Amnesic effect
  • Shorter recovery time than that associated with oral sedation
  • Fast-acting
  • Patients can still co-operate with the dentist
  • Gives a feeling of relaxation and eradicates anxiety


If you would like more information about IV sedation at Keppel Advanced Dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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