Digital impressions – making life easier for patients 

Digital impressions are arguably one of the most significant advances in dentistry to date, making life easier for dentist and patient alike. They offer a higher level of accuracy than alginate impressions because of the nature of the process – your orthodontist will simply scan your teeth to retrieve a digital model from which to work when treating you. Keppel Advanced Dentistry are one of the few practices offering digital impressions to patients – read on to find out more about how they have changed and improved the patient experience.

Digital impressions eliminate the need for the following:

  • Pack and label
  • Pour model
  • Trim die
  • Fitting of the model

What are the principal benefits of digital impressions vs traditional (alginate) impressions?

  • No more gag reflex – the material used to take alginate impressions is frequently described as ‘gloopy’, causing great discomfort for patients when it is applied via the impressions trays. Digital impressions is a simple scan of the patient’s teeth – the unpleasant impression material is nowhere to be seen!
  • Puts patients at ease – many patients dread undergoing treatment that involves manual impressions for the reason cited above. Digital impressions put patients who are a little nervous at ease, as this aspect of treatment along with the associated discomfort, is eliminated.
  • Increased accuracy – when a dentist has to take a mold of a patient’s teeth and a gag reflex is induced this can cause a lot of moving around and in turn the potential for error is increased. Digital impressions reduce such risk and give a 100% accurate model from which the dentist can work.


Before an orthodontist can create your appliance, they need impressions of your teeth in order to create a perfectly fitting model as well as any accompanying brace hardware. Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry we offer the Invisalign system to patients, which involves having your digital impressions taken with the iTero scanner. This particular scanner offers patients the chance to see the outcome of their treatment before they even start the process. Other benefits include fewer rejections, fewer fit issues and 50% faster results in comparison to other treatment courses.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening should only ever be performed by an individual with medical training as this is the only context where the whitening trays can be created as an exact fit for your teeth. Treatment offered by beauty therapists and individuals without medical knowledge is not 100% safe as they do not possess the technology and equipment to take accurate impressions. This means the whitening trays are ill-fitting and the whitening agent can potentially leak over onto your gums, causing irrevocable damage.

CEREC crowns

It is now possible for dentists to produce a custom-created crown in a single appointment, though there are a limited number of practices offering this across the UK, Keppel Advanced Dentistry being one of them. Your dentist will make a digital image of your crown based on digital impressions. This saves time as your impressions do not need to be sent off to be created from physical molds. You can read more about the CEREC process in full here.


If you would like more information about cosmetic dentistry at Keppel Advanced Dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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