How to get your skin looking radiant again, post Christmas

Hoorah! We made it to 2018! And whilst we might all be carrying a bit of extra weight and have a few blemishes on our skin, January is the time to resume normal service and get healthy again. Don’t dwell on having let your routine slip over Christmas and instead focus on how to get back on track. Here are some top tips to help….

Get watered, not slaughtered

It’s safe to say that there will have been a lot more alcohol flowing through the system over Christmas time, but there is one common way to minimise the damage that alcohol does to your skin – drink plenty of water. Your skin is an organ made up of cells, just like any other part of your body and without water, it will not function properly or to the best of its ability. When your skin does not get enough water, it will become dry and more prone to wrinkling as well as blemishes and spots. If you’re looking to be good to your skin but don’t want to abstain from alcohol completely, try to change your ratio of alcohol to water for the next couple of months, for example, drinking 2 litre glasses of water to 1 175ml glass of wine.

Choose a couple of days that will be alcohol-free for January/February/March 

The government recommend that we should be having at least 2 alcohol-free days each week. Drinking excessively deprives your skin of vital nutrients and vitamins and long-term consumption of alcohol is linked to conditions such as rosacea and even facial disfigurement. Try to keep binging after Christmas to a minimum to give your body a break – this will also help you rebuild healthy habits more easily.

Breaking the habit of drinking daily will reduce your likelihood of making it part of your routine and allow you to drink for the right reasons.

Consultant heptologist at the University of Southampton Nick Sheron said that “For a start, alcohol shares the inherent property of nearly every drug. If you drink on a regular basis, you will develop a tolerance. You need more alcohol to have the same effect. Having a rest from it can help to reset your tolerance levels.”

Keep a regular sleeping pattern

Late nights are a common thing during holiday periods but can be detrimental and a couple of early nights here and there post-Christmas will help you get back on track for the year ahead. Contrary to popular belief, a single night of good sleep will not undo a string of late nights, so it’s important to plan to get to bed early for a few nights to ensure you see a noticeable difference to your energy levels. Lack of sleep can lower the moisture levels in your skin, lowering your complexion’s pH levels and rendering your skin less youthful-looking. When your pH levels drop, an imbalance occurs so you skin cannot create the moisture it requires and therefore it appears drier.



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