Everything you need to know about dental bridges

A dental bridge is a cosmetic procedure that replaces a missing tooth by placing a false tooth in the vacant gap and anchoring it to the neighbouring teeth that sit either side of the gap, placing a custom restoration over the top for an outstanding aesthetic result. The ‘bridge’ refers to the bridging of the gap with a false tooth and two crowns. 

What to expect from the procedure

You will need to attend an initial consultation where you and your dentist can talk, in detail, about what is involved and whether a dental bridge is the right treatment option for you. Following this, on your second appointment,  the teeth that the bridge are being anchored to will be prepared in order for them to support the crowns that will fix the false tooth in position. The preparation involves some of the tooth matter being removed to accommodate for the crowns. Once they have been prepared, your dentist here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry will take impressions of the surrounding teeth which will be used to design your bridge. The impressions will be sent away to the dental laboratory so that your bridge can be created based on the impressions we have taken of your teeth – in the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary bridge. 

Your temporary bridge can be removed on your third appointment and your dentist here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry will fit you with your custom-created bridge. The crowns will be fitted to your teeth either side of the gap using dental cement and your false tooth will be fixed to your gum tissue.

What can dental bridges do for me? 

  • Offer you a long-lasting solution to a missing tooth – missing teeth can cause your facial structure to collapse, making you appear older than your years – an implant-supported bridge will give your jawbone the support it needs and rejuvenate your teeth and your facial aesthetic. 
  • Dental bridges will prevent your other teeth from shifting out of position, a common occurrence with missing teeth that are left untreated. 
  • Restore impaired functions caused by lost teeth such as chewing, eating and speaking functions. 
  • Reduce your risk of misalignments and malocclusions which can occur if you have missing teeth. 

If you would like more information about cosmetic dentistry at Keppel Advanced Dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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