Lingual braces – the most invisible brace available….

Are you seeking to have orthodontic treatment but would like an aesthetic brace option? Lingual braces (Incognito) could be the ideal choice for you….


Quick-fire round-up of the benefits….

  • They sit on the tongue side of your teeth which means they are practically invisible to others – you can still do that presentation at work, safe in the knowledge that you are the only one who knows you’re undergoing treatment!
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Can be fitted over a mere 2 appointments.
  • Progress is monitored by us here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry at every stage, so you can be confident that the treatment is doing its job throughout.
  • Bespoke treatment down to the brace hardware – brackets are individually created to fit the exact shape of your back teeth so that the brace can be as discreet as possible and bespoke nature of the braces also allows for less irritation on your gums and mouth.
  • Fast-acting – need a bit of motivation for treatment? With lingual braces you will notice a tangible difference from very early on, allowing you to stay motivated and confident with regards to your treatment.


How do lingual braces work? 

Lingual braces can be used to tackle issues such as closing gaps and crowding but are also used to reposition rotated teeth. As with any brace, there is an adaptation period, but lingual braces are custom made to the shape of your teeth which will make this period easier and faster.

Some types of brace cause wear to the front tooth surface, but patients are not at risk of this with lingual braces as they sit on the inside of your teeth, so your smile will stay looking great throughout treatment.


Ceramic braces at Keppel Advanced Dentistry – fixed discreet braces

Ceramic braces combine the quality offered by traditional metal brace models with a discreet design and are made to blend in with your natural tooth colour. They are made of ceramic alloys and are available with two types of brace wires, rendering them particularly inconspicuous. They’re also designed to be resistant to staining from (for example), the tannins in red wine, coffee and curry.


Other invisible brace types offered by Keppel Advanced Dentistry 

  • Inman Aligner – short-term option to deal with protrusion of the front teeth and crowding.
  • Invisalign – removable clear aligners that make dental hygiene during treatment easy and allow patients to eat as normal.


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