IV sedation at Keppel Advanced Dentistry: no more nerves

Did you know that 40% of patients will delay going to see a dentist because they are worried or perhaps even phobic about treatment? IV (intravenous sedation) is a type of sedation that can be used for a whole range of dental procedures including implants, crowns and fillings and is often favoured to general anaesthesia as patients tend to feel better post-treatment.  

Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry we value the personal touch and will always listen to your anxieties and address any problems that you vocalise. Sedation can make patients more comfortable in a dental environment and allows them to tolerate future treatments without the need for sedation.


What happens when I go under sedation for a procedure? 

You will need to eat 2/3 hours before the procedure and stop drinking 2 hours prior. You will also need to bring someone along to escort you home after your treatment as you will not be able to drive.

The effects of IV will enable you to co-operate with your dentist here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry though you may drift in and out of sleep as IV has an amnesic effect.

We will place some local anaesthetic cream on your hand which will numb the area, ready for the cannula (the tiny needle via which the anaesthetic is applied) to be inserted.

Here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry we use Midazolarn, which is the most commonly used drug for IV in the UK. Midazolarn is a short-acting sedative (part of the benzodiazepine family) that depresses your central nervous system. This drug is the principal choice for conscious sedation as patients generally have no recollection of the procedure. Sedation is achieved within 1-5 seconds and peaks within 30 minutes.

Recovery after these drugs is fast and most patients are able to go home as soon as an hour after a short procedure.


At Keppel Advanced Dentistry, you’re in good hands….

Priya Suaris is a medical doctor who studied medicine at Imperial College, with a special interest in head and neck anaesthesia. You can listen to Keppel Advanced Dentistry’s Priya Suaris talk about sedation here. 


If you would like to book an appointment with us here at Keppel Advanced Dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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