Why it’s essential to replace a missing tooth…..

A missing tooth can have a huge impact on your dental health, overall health and your emotional wellbeing and if left untreated, you may become susceptible to irrevocable damage and your treatment options may become limited.

Preserving your jawbone with dental implants

Your teeth give your jawbone the stimulation that it needs and when you have a missing tooth, in the absence of having nothing to support, the jawbone deteriorates and this is known as resorption.


Get your confidence back

A missing tooth can be a huge source of anxiety, especially if the missing tooth in question is one of your front teeth that is visible to others known as the ‘social 6’. Many people find their desire to smile is affected because they are afraid to expose the vacant spaces in their mouth to others. Dental implants are a custom solution that actually become a permanent part of your body, fusing with your jawbone.


A change in your facial aesthetic

Missing teeth and bone loss will eventually cause the lower third of the face to collapse, as the loss of ridge bone brings your chin closer to your nose, causing your jaw to protrude and your nose to appear as if it is protruding as your upper lip has wrinkled. Facial collapse can make you appear much older than you actually are and change your features dramatically. Unfortunately, standard removable dentures will not tackle this problem but implant-supported dentures and dentures will. Implant-supported dentures offer 80% of normal biting force and will help prevent bone loss.


Replace a missing tooth to avoid more serious treatment down the line

When there is a vacant gap in your mouth, overtime the surrounding teeth will slowly shift to fill the space, creating unnatural gaps that shouldn’t be there. If this occurs you may need orthodontic treatment to realign your teeth into a healthy position as unnatural gaps can also make it difficult to clean effectively.


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