Using Dental Floss is a crucial part of Oral Health.

Flossing KAD

If you don’t floss, you risk tooth decay and gum disease.

Looking after your teeth and gums is an ongoing process. There is little point in cleaning your teeth once in a while, for example before you go out for the evening. Routine care is exactly this, a routine. Aside from a good toothbrush and toothpaste, the use of dental floss in its various forms is just as crucial. The reasons for using floss are;

1) To removed food debris that may get trapped between your teeth and gums that conventional tooth brushing cannot.

2) Food debris that is allowed to stagnate increases in acidity through bacteria and begins to break down tooth enamel and irritate the gums.

3) If this increase in tooth decay and gum disease is allowed to continue, teeth are at risk of being lost.

4) Trapped food in the mouth that is rotting stinks and looks unappealing.

Flossing teeth is a technique that your dental hygienist can show you. You can either learn how to floss yourself by wrapping the floss around your fingers or use the floss harps that are available. There needs to be care with the force with which you floss as there is a risk of gum bleeding. How easily your gums bleed is an indicator of your gum health, so if your gums to bleed easily do check this with your Dentist.

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