Moving Teeth To Improve a Smile

Why does moving teeth make a smile more attractive?

KAD Orthodontics 2

Why does a smile look more attractive if the teeth are neatly in line? It would seem more obvious that having clean and healthy teeth and gums would be a greater indicator to attractiveness. It is common that people with  symmetrical faces are considered more beautiful but also that people with a distinct smile ( including eyes) that is perhaps more asymmetrical can be appealing as they seen to have more character.

KAD Orthodontics 1

There are many different Orthodontic treatments available for people of all ages. Traditional systems involve attaching braces to teeth, its something that is a very familiar sight today, there was a time when these braces were often considered ugly. However, we are now far more interested in the result! There are also removable braces that are made from clear plastics, often making them invisible to anyone but the wearer.

This a a great example of a symmetrical face, and when she smi

This a a great example of a symmetrical face, and when she smi

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