Jaw Pain and how your Dentist can help.

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Up to 15% of people experience problems with their Jaws.

Problems with the jaw joint involve the muscles that support the joint, the position of the teeth as well as the joint itself. This makes TMJ problems, as they are called by Dentists, difficult to assess as they are so complicated. In the USA it is estimated that up to 12% of the population has some kind of jaw joint problem and symptoms can be from severe jaw pain to restricted movement during talking and especially eating.

The causes of jaw problems are diverse and these include;

1) Physical injury.

2) Night grinding or clenching teeth during sleep or periods of stress.

3) Auto immune disease.

4) As a result of previous surgery.

5) Infections.

6) The mechanical relationship between the jaw joint, muscles and teeth themselves.

As a Dental practice, Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey we are well aware of the triggers, causes and long term impact of jaw problems. Treating these symptoms may be simple, but in some cases there is a need to balance the jaw using splints and Orthodontics. Its common for people to grind their teeth, but excessive wear leads to jaw pain and potential teeth cracking and fracturing. This is not a good thing for long term dental well being.

If you are experience jaw pain, please contact your Dentist today.TK-AF-Logo

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