Dental Phobia increases Tooth Decay

Dental Phobia- Its impact on our health.

Smiling KAD


Its fair to say that a smile is something we all would like more of. However, many of us struggle with the issue of poor oral health. Not only does this impact our overall health with links to Heart disease but our confidence and self esteem in relationships. Dental phobia, a fear of dental treatments, is a common reason people do no seek out regular dental health checks and treatments. The fear can be so great that someone will tolerate extreme pain for a long time rather than attend a dentist appointment.

Recent research from Kings College in London reveals the obvious, people with dental phobia have greater levels of caries and missing teeth. A study published early 2017 in The British Dental Journal revealed higher levels of poor oral health in those with raised anxiety towards dental treatments. What it also revealed was the levels of sadness, embarrassment and general anxiety to other things.

If you are one of these people consider talking to a Dental practice that will support you moving from outside to inside for dental treatments. Many Dental teams understand the challenges of dental phobia and will allow you to take your time, ask questions and gradually introduce dental health checks into your health care routines.


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