E Cigarettes could harm your teeth



Vaping may be just as harmful as smoking

Many people quit smoking to improve their health. The impact of stopping smoking on your oral health is well documented. Improvement to blood flow to your gums is one notable benefit.

Some who quit replace smoking cigarettes with e-cigarettes or vaping thinking this is a healthier alternative but it could still harm your teeth. A recent article in Journal Oncotarget have found that some of the chemicals in e-cigarettes can harm your teeth as much as tobacco smoke

The full article is here

If vaping is as harmful as smoking, where do you start to stop?

Stopping smoking is often seen as a tough thing to do. Many people find that habit and will power are obstacles to stopping smoking. There are several ways to support yourself to stop smoking. The NHS provides a stop smoking service and if you need further help, there are many therapeutic and coaching providers who can support you through the process.

As a guide, for habit change to embed takes around 30 days for the new non smoking routine to become permanent. It is important to understand your smoking triggers such as anxiety, stress or social situations.

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