Why your gums are so important



Its just my teeth I need to look after…… right?

Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss but its easy just to focus on keeping your teeth healthy and bright thinking your teeth are perfectly safe if you brush twice a day.

Its whats going on between your teeth and under the gums that has a huge impact.


Foot getting trapped between your teeth can also make its way under your gum line where it can hide and rot. This can lead to plaque, raised ph levels and tooth erosion. However, it can also lead to gum inflammation which is your gums coping with an infection. Take a look at your gums and especially the junction between your tooth and gums. If the gums look a little puffy and red, there may be some kind of infection.

Don’t waste time, a thorough dental hygiene session can get to the parts of your teeth and gums that tooth brushes and flosses cannot.

Gums help hold your teeth in place, they provide vital supplies and protection to your teeth, if gums begin to excessively recede, it exposes parts of the tooth that are vulnerable to tooth decay.

Look after your gums.


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