Smiling more with Dental Veneers


Dental Veneers- Making your smile look whiter,brighter and a more beautiful sight.

Cosmetic Dentistry has been a growth area for Dentistry in general over the last 20 years. Aside from the media frenzy on beauty as perfection, some really beneficial work has been done for people seeking to improve their smile. Some people feel better for having more confidence in their smile. This is not a superficial or cosmetic experience, confidence increases optimism. I am not saying the cosmetic dentistry is a fix all for well being, its just people  often smile more if they are comfortable with their teeth.

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If you are uncomfortable with your smile, we are always happy to listen to your needs. A bit like a building project, we assess what your mouth would look like before we start any treatments. It helps give you a picture of what your smile can look like. The materials that are bonded to your teeth, are made from either porcelain or a very high grade composite plastic.  What is important is you cannot tell the difference between them and your natural teeth after all, the purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums.

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