Amalgam fillings and the chance of Mercury in your Bloodstream



Recent research supports the Amalgam risk in fillings.

Keppel Advanced Dentistry has not been placing Amalgam fillings for many years. The main reason was the concern about Mercury in Amalgam leaking into the blood stream. This is quite a controversial subject, but recent research is supporting our position.

Researchers at the University of Georgia in the USA analyzed data from over 15000 people to demonstrate the relationship between amalgam fillings and mercury exposure risk. The results show that people with 8 or more amalgam fillings have 150% more mercury in their blood stream than those with none.

The fill article is here

If you are concerned about amalgam fillings, please pop in for a chat at Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey. We can help you understand the potential risks to make a more informed choice.

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