Reduce the risk of Bad Breath by changing a few habits


How lifestyle can effect your breath…..

It is estimated that one in four people have bad breath. To equate its importance visiting the Dentist for bad breath is the third most common reason to book an appointment after tooth pain and gum disease. There are social and emotional impacts of bad breath can be distressing. Luckily lifestyle habits such as smoking and not drinking enough water are considered the #1 trigger of bad breath so there are many ways to improve your breath.

Medical News Today has an an excellent ‘fast facts’ checklist for bad breath, sometimes called halitosis. Check it out here

At Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey we can help to reduce triggers of bad breath as well as have the expertise to treat some of the more complex bad breath cases. If in doubt, please call us for a chat or a free consultation.

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