Olympians need to reduce tooth erosion


Elite Athletes may be at risk of teeth erosion

We have all been enjoying the Olympics in Rio 2016 and are delighted by the success by Team GB so far. Becoming an elite athlete requires a commitment to make the most of ability and the differences between Gold and 10th are often micro thin.

Such determination to succeed is not always matched by a determination for excellent dental health. Following the Olympics in London 2012 researchers undertook a study of competing triathletes and found that they had a ‘significantly higher risk of tooth erosion than non athletes’. The main cause was a increase of acid levels in the mouth through diet. Higher acid risk, means there is a greater risk of tooth erosion and decay.

The full article can be read here

The research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine discovered more than 55% of triathletes had tooth decay.  This does not mean that sofa athletes automatically have better teeth! What it reveals is the link between acid levels in the mouth can cause tooth decay in the fittest of people. If you want to know more, please check out our dental hygiene page on the KAD website.

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