New Teeth for Old Dentures? How Dental Implants are making this reality


How Keppel Advanced Dentistry makes this reality happen

Many people who lose teeth have them replaced with some kind of partial or full denture. These devices have helped many improve their appearance and ability to chew food for many years. There were however, some limitations. Whilst these are not the end of the world some people found that over time their dentures did not fit as well as they used to. Clasps fitted around teeth could hold a denture in better position but in a world more comfortable in age only being a number some found the idea of dentures a little old.

The revolution that is dental implant treatments has come a long way in the last 50 years. Dental implants are similar to replacement roots of natural teeth in that they are fixed in your jaw. This allows the restorative part, the all ceramic or composite bridge, to be securely anchored in the mouth, meaning the thought of wobbly or loose dentures is eliminated.

At Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey Dental Implant treatments can be relatively quick as well. Their introduction of ‘Teeth In a Day’  means new smiles can be replaced in quick time.

If you would like to know more about Dental Implant treatments, pop into Keppel Advanced Dentistry for a chat.


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