What makes a beautiful smile?



Teeth and gums. The Dentist’s part in the making of a great smile.



A smile can change the mood of most about anyone. It’s a sign of trust, agreement, and welcome that we have had in our DNA since the earliest humans. We learned to communicate non-verbally a long time before we developed languages to get across how we felt about things.

We can break the smile down into teeth, gums, eyes, lips and lastly mood. We all know the contrived smiles in photographs. The reason they don’t look real is the effort involved in creating is a smile uses different muscles compared to the genuine joy of really being happy.

As a Dental practice, Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey can play a part in improving your smile. We understand the need to create natural looking smiles that consider the balance of teeth and gum appearance when you smile. There are several mathematical formulas, the most commonly known being the Fibonacci sequence, that explains a perfect smile is in symmetry with nature.  It has been used by Artists for many years and it’s something that applies to restorative dentistry as well. Whilst it is not always possible to meet this exactly, many smiles can be improved upon to get the best possible results.

Best wishes


Dr Tom Keppel

Keppel Advanced Dentistry




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