A new toothpaste for tougher enamel has been developed


Protecting your teeth while you sleep, a toothpaste to toughen up the enamel of your teeth

The loss of minerals in your teeth has always been a risk, the consequences are the enamel coating on your teeth becomes weaker and lost. A new toothpaste is available that helps the remineralisation process along by slowly releasing Calcium Phosphate and Fluoride over and 8-12 hour period.

The main attack on tooth enamel comes from drinking highly acidic drinks such as fruit juices and fizzy drinks. So before you start rushing off to buy some of this toothpaste, consider your own diet first.  A simple change of diet will help reduce the loss of tooth enamel. Tooth sensitivity is a common symptom of lost tooth enamel. If you are have any doubts, please contact a dental health professional today. Alternatively, you can pop into Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey and speak to one of our team.

The full article can be found here;

Toothpaste to remineralise teeth

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