Why good oral hygiene matters when you get older


Quality of life in older age is linked with the health of your gums- research states

The population of the UK is getting older. However, thinking has changed when it comes to the later years of life. If we look after ourselves properly, we can enjoy an excellent quality of life both physically and mentally. Open University numbers in the over 70s are at an all time high and backpacking around the globe is no longer just for the gap year.

A crucial part of quality of life, is the health of your teeth and gums. More research has recently come out that supports current evidence that there is a link between gum disease, periodontitis, and conditions such as dementia.

Research projects at the Universities of Southampton and King’s College London have found further evidence that periodontitis could be associated with Alzheimer’s disease and associated cognitive decline in older age. We all know that no one symptom is the cause, but it does raise an important point, keep yourself healthy by looking after your teeth and gums.

The full article is here

Oral hygiene and dementia risk

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