How to have nice breath in the morning



A glass of water may be the answer

Most of us have had the experience of waking up and our significant others have recoiled when they have smelt our breath. Yes, this is not the glamour of cosmetic dentistry, its what we face when we literally face someone with morning breath.

Some rather obvious but none the less helpful research is pointing a way to a potential solution. Drink a glass of water a soon as you get up. The International Journal of Dental Hygiene printed an article stating that research has shown that drinking a glass of water or rinsing your mouth out first thing in the morning helped remove 60% of the substances that cause morning breath.

The full article is here;

Drink water to reduce bad breath

Common health advice on keeping yourself hydrated makes sense as does drinking water first thing in the morning. If you have any doubts about good teeth and gum care, please contact us anytime for a chat or a free consultation.

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