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Orthodontics from Keppel Advanced Dentistry



Dr Raman Aulakh- Orthodontist at KAD

A first step to good dental health is to look after your teeth and gums. However, many of us are born with the potential for our adult teeth and the shape of our jaws to be less than ideal for the functions of chewing, eating and smiling. It’s an important consideration for many parents today to consider the long term dental health of their children. What is a cute thumb sucking habit can become over erupted front teeth and jaw bone growing out of line of the face. Its not that we are saying physical perfection is the goal, we care about young people with the best function form of teeth, gums and jaw to take into adult life.

Orthodontics for adults

If for many reasons your teeth are not as you would like, there are orthodontic treatment options for adults as well. Treatments that consider an adults lifestyle.


At Keppel Advanced Dentistry we make use of the latest fixed or removable invisible brace treatments to help our patients get the best smile they can. Many people have teeth that are crossed over each other or there are gaps between them. With these adult orthodontic treatments’ teeth can be straightened out and gaps closed. Sometimes we need to go down the conventional route, but having an Orthodontist on site at KAD in Sutton, Surrey means you get the answers quickly.

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