Illegal Dentistry in the UK is ‘rampant’- reports BBC programme


Tooth Whitening treatments from non-qualified operators is both against the law and dangerous.

Cynics would argue that the dental profession is shutting up shop and protecting their interests by stating that only dental professionals can legally administer tooth whitening treatments. The reality is quite different, this is a case of care and who is providing it. BBC television’s ‘Inside Out’  revealed a serial offender in offering illegal tooth whitening treatments. The ease in which someone can set themselves up is a concern, but there is one way to be sure you are getting a suitable qualified professional, visit a dental practice.

If you are scared of a visit to the Dentist, consider this. We have probably met and cared for people who are far more frightened than you are. If fear is stopping you visiting a Dentist, please don’t consider the illegal route, it may do a lot more harm. Just pop into Keppel Advanced Dentistry for a chat, meet our team and ask us lots of questions. In fact we are lucky that in the UK the vast majority of dental practices are well aware of the problems caused by illegal tooth whitening and can talk you through the legal options to bright and whiter teeth!

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