Dental Hygiene treatments from Keppel Advanced Dentistry

Why should I see a Dental Hygienist?

There was a time when seeing the Dentist was largely about dealing with the problems that arose from Tooth decay and injuries. Many of us in the UK saw a visit to the Dentist as a necessary evil. It could get emotional for some, even downright frightening.

However, the benefits of taking a preventative approach to Dental care became clear to many with the advent of the ‘scrape and polish’ but also the much more thorough dental hygiene treatment. The advent of Dental Hygienists and the care they provide has greatly reduced dental caries and tooth loss to the UK population. With increasing awareness to the beauty of the smile, dental hygiene treatments have become a normal part of our health care routine.

There are wider benefits that impact on us more holistically. There are links between gum disease and Heart disease, Pancreatic Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. The condition of our mouth’s health is often a reflection of the impact it may have on the rest of our body.

Researchers at NYU (New York University) concluded there was a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. The full article can be found here;

Gum Disease and Alzhemers Disease

So if you are in doubt about how to make the best of dental health care, contact Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey today for a chat.


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