Are Dental implants a permanent solution to lost teeth?

If you’ve lost teeth, you can replace them with Dental Implants.

Many adults lose teeth through accident or lifestyle. There was a time when a  gap left by a lost tooth was nothing to worry about…… or so we thought. In 21st Century healthcare we know of the impact a lost tooth brings to remaining teeth and jaw bone. The remaining teeth can drift and cause all sorts of chewing function problems as well as the jaw bone resorption. There is a secondary matter, the impact a gap has on our smile, our confidence, our ability to speak clearly.

When Dental Implants first became available they were complicated and long term treatments. However, with increasing demand the implant manufacturers could invest in the necessary research and development to simplify and speed you dental implant treatments. At Keppel Advanced Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey I have been working with Dr Carl Manhem for over 10 years to provide the best dental implant care available. The benefits of having an in house oral surgeon are that we can complete entire treatments under one roof, including building up the jaw bones so they are strong enough to support dental implants and the forces of chewing and biting.

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Dental Implant Treatments

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