Milk and Dental Plaque. The diet of our ancestors

Finding out when we started drinking milk  by studying ancient dental plaque.

A lot of us drink milk. As adults its usually Cow’s, Goat’s or Sheep’s milk but also an increasing amount choose a milk made from nuts such as Almonds and Coconut. Understanding why and how we as humans moved on from mother’s milk to Cow’s etc is something researchers have been looking for an answer for some time.

There is some evidence that we evolved and the production of the enzyme Lactase in our intestine is evidence of our adaptation to tolerate the milk of other animals. How did the researchers discover this? By studying ancient dental plaque.  Using state of the art MRI scanners, researchers at The Universities of York, Oklahoma and Copenhagen detected signs of Milk proteins in the ancient plaque. These are a clear sign that milk has been consumed by humans for over 5000 years.

The full article is here

Milk in the human diet

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